Growth rate : New student enrollment
Growth rate : New student enrollment
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Bench partner: Average RIO per 6 months
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Certificate in Corporate Account from Ready Accountant

The Programe is productive, and we gained valuable insights from it. The course's excellent 'futuristic' approach to learning was particularly impressive, especially for practical approch.

Engage in Real-Time Corporate learning: Interactive Faculty, Alumni, and Industry Sessions.

Enhance skill acquisition and rapid skill application through engaging in hands-on live clinets projects and immersive learning experiences.

Empowering Student Growth: Mentorship & Lifetime Campus Opportunity.

Quality Skill
Ready accountant student placed top company

Ready Accountant: Empowering Indian Youth to Become A Guiding Force Of The Future

With Population of1.20 billion in our country the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. Top MNCs accounting firm saved $300,000 through fresher Corporate Accounting program

Ready Accountant is a partner for the Top MNCs and often receives recruitment mandates from them.

We are partnered with 220+ MNCs,for training and placements

Learn and apply skills faster with hands-on projects and immersive learning

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Ready Accountant Partner Francise Model
1000-2500 Sqft
Minimum Carpet Area
10-14 lakhs
1–3 Lakhs
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Daily Admission
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