Terms & Conditions  | Offline & Online Courses

Institute: Institute refers to Ready Accountant institutes Pvt. Ltd. and all its owned and associated training partners.

Academic Session: An academic session represents the period commencing from the first scheduled class attended by a student to the specified time of completion of the specific course for which the student has been admitted.

Instalment Payment Plan: Is a facility that is provided to a student whereby he/she can make a part of the payment, for the course admitted to, in monthly instalments.

Examination Cycle: A single date or series of dates on which exams are being conducted at the institute.


1. Admission to any course is based on the Institute’s eligibility norms as defined from time to time and the Institute reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant.

2. The admission of an applicant is considered complete only after the following process has been complied with:

3. Payment of Fees: Admission is considered complete only after receipt of the admission fees and part of the course fees.

4. Documents required:

  • Completed Admission form along with a signature of the applicant.
  • Address Proof
  • Copy of mark sheets of last passed exams e.g. Class X, XII, Graduation, Others as applicable
  • 2 passport size photographs

5. Admission confirmation welcome call: After submitting all admission documents students will receive an admission confirmation call/welcome call from the Head Office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Team.

6. Admission to an individual is not transferable to any other individual

7. All students have to appear for an Entrance Exam for admission in any Job Assurance courses. A minimum 50% has to be scored to be eligible for admission.

Course Contents

Courses at Ready Accountnt are contemporary and undergo changes according to industry requirements. Any changes in the course structure is binding on all.

Up-gradation and Down-gradation in course

While a student is allowed to upgrade to a higher level, no course degradation is allowed in any case. If a student does not complete the entire course, he/she will be eligible for the modular certificate only.

Course Stopovers & Transfers

  1. While we encourage the students to complete the entire course in the same batch, transfer of batches may be allowed in exceptional circumstances. A Batch transfer fee is applicable for every transfer during the course.
  2. Any student seeking a transfer must submit an application through the website Ready Accountant.com. A call will be made from the CRM department for confirmation of details. Only after the CRM Officer confirms the Transfer, the student should submit the Transfer Fees

Study Materials

Students are given the choice of Study Materials at an additional fee in the form of a kit consisting of multiple books of a course. Kit is provided in parts before and/or during the course. The books cover a range of subjects and the subjects are taught as per scheduled classes.

Conduct and Discipline

Each course is conducted according to predefined course targets which are communicated to the students through the Notice Board/students home page/or any other media that the institute defines from time to time. These targets define the date, time and venue of all major activities during the course.


Students are expected to maintain 100% attendance to get the full benefit of the course.

If a student remains absent for more than 2 consecutive weeks without the written approval from the in-charge, the registration of the student will be cancelled. Re-admission fees will be applicable for the student to continue the course with Ready Accountant. Ready Accountant reserves the right to re-admission of the student and the decision will be final and binding.

In case of absenteeism for 3 months or more (with or without approval), the student will be required to take a new admission and will be liable to pay the applicable course fees. However, credit may be given for the exams cleared and appropriate fees paid in the previous course, in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of the institute.


Every student shall wear clean and decent attire while coming to the institute. Students are encouraged to wear formal dress at all times, especially during exams, during business communication modules and interview sessions.

The conduct of the students in the centre shall be such as will cause no disturbance to trainers, fellow students or other classes.Students are strictly to follow the decorum of public behaviour and avoid abusive language and indecent manners in all their interactions.

Students will not engage into any kind of unlawful or unethical behaviour within and outside the institute including but not limited to:

    • Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco or any other unlawful drugs
    • Violence or abusive conduct of any nature such as physical or verbal abuse, sexual assault and causing or threatening to affect the health, safety and well-being of others, theft, illegal possession destroying or damaging the property of the institute, carrying of inflammable articles or harmful weapons of any kind.
    • Obstruction or disruption of institute activities or services
    • Removing or misusing any equipment, book, component, instrument, or any other item which he/she is not supposed to remove from the institute’s premises.
    • Any violation of the policies mentioned above may lead to termination of the student and even prosecution (in applicable circumstances).


Exams are conducted at multiple levels and students are required to appear for and clear all applicable exams in the course. These may include internal exams, external exams and final exams at the end of the module or course.

Registration: Students must be registered for exams within the due date failing which the students may not be allowed to appear for exams.

    1. Students must carry their valid Identity cards during exams.
    2. In case of students appearing for an exam from their respective location, surveillance through webcam and/or desktop view access becomes mandatory.
    3. A student is allowed to appear for multiple subjects during an exam cycle.
    4. Students must be seated before the scheduled time of the exam. No student will be allowed after 10 mins of the commencement of the exam and no student can leave within the first 30 mins after the exam has commenced.
    5. In case a student fails in an exam, he/she has to re-appear in the exam after due registration. A student is allowed a maximum of 3 attempts in a subject after which the full course certificate will not be issued and the Job Assurance gets cancelled. The student will be eligible for a Modular Certificate only.

Re-Examination: A re-examination fee is applicable for every subject which the student registers for the second time or more.

Any student who has registered for exams but does not appear in Examination is also liable to pay Re-examination Fees, failing which they may not be allowed to appear for any other exam.

Classes and Fees: A student must complete all batches and classes for the respective subject before appearing for exams. Also, all relevant fees must be paid before exam registration.

During exams, students are not allowed to talk, adopt unfair means, use Phone/Mobile Phone / Pager / Other communication device, carry or eat Food, refer to Books / Study Materials / Aids or adopt any unfair means that may jeopardize the integrity of the examinations. Any student found violating the exam code of conduct will not be allowed for exams and his/her registration may be cancelled. No refunds will be applicable in such cases.


Pass Marks: The student has to score a minimum of 50% marks in all exams (including internal exams and part of the exams) to be able to secure a PASS Grade

Re-Evaluation: Students can apply for rechecking for any Offline subject only by giving rechecking fees within 30 days from the date of announcement of the result.

Results: Examination results will be declared within 14 days after the date of the exam provided all the necessary Answer sheets, Backup with original Attendance Sheet are received by the concerned person of QA Dept. in due time.

  1. All exams must be completed within a maximum of 5 months from the total course duration, failing which the student will be dropped out from the system automatically. In order to restore the services to the student, the student would have to pay any balance amount of fees due along with applicable readmission fees.
  2. Any student once qualified in the Exams cannot appear for the second time for that particular topic/module.



  1. Students have the flexibility to switch their batch depending upon the availability at an additional cost of Rs. 1000/- per switch
  2. Re-examination fees of Rs 500/-  is applicable each time in case of re-appear owing to either absenteeism or failing to pass
  3. Re admission fee will be 20% of Course Fee, in case a student fails to complete the course in 12 months. Re admission will be valid for a period of 6 months


  1. A course certificate is given on completion of the certification criteria.
  2. All certificates are subject to payment of all fees and applicable charges.
  3. The student has to score a minimum of 50% marks in all exams (including internal exams and external exams) to be able to secure a PASS Grade.
  4. The full course certificate is given to only those candidates who have secured a pass grade in all subjects applicable in the course.
  5. In case the student does not clear one or more subjects within a course despite re-examinations, the student will be eligible for a “modular” certificate stating the subjects cleared. Modular certificates do not entail job assurance.
  6. Application for certificates should be filed within 2 months from the last exam date in case of modules certificates
  7. Students must check their marks on the student home page before applying for a certificate.
  8. Students must collect the certificate within a maximum of 5 years from the date of admission. Ready Accountnat reserves the right to decline any request for certification outside that period.

Fee Payment

  1. INSTALMENT PAYMENT PLAN is a facility that is provided to a student whereby he/she can make a part of the payment, for the course admitted to, in monthly installments.
  2. A registered student must pay the entire Course Fee prior to the commencement of the course. However, for some of its courses, Ready Accountant offers a payment facility by INSTALMENT.
  3. Installment Fees must be paid on or before the 10th day of the Calendar month thereafter a penalty of Rs100/- per week would be levied and also the student may also be debarred from attending the classes if he/she does not remit the fee. After 30 days the students would be dropped out and thereafter a readmission fee of Rs. 2500+ Tax would be charged. If the grace period ends on a holiday, all payment must be paid by the previous working day.
  4. Installment fees have to be paid in ADVANCE by all candidates for the month(s) where leave is intended to be taken. This is COMPULSORY, failing which the student’s registration will be cancelled.
  5. Course fees once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances.
  6. Money Receipt
  7.  All payment should be made against money receipt generated and signed bythe admin head
  8.  All payments to be made online by either Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet banking / UPI / Wallet payment etc. No cash payment will be considered.
  9.  Every candidate may look at their fee status on the student home page at readyaccountant.com.
  10.  Students can log in through ID with their student code and password.
  11.  All payments made to Ready Accountant will be reflected within 7 days on the student home page.
  12.  Any claim for payment made to any Ready Accountant staff or to any staff of the franchise center, but not reflected on the student homepage will not be entertained. Ready Accountant will not be responsible for any such claim of payment.
  13. Course Fee as shown on the student home page is final. If a student finds any deviation, he/she must report to CRM within 7 days of admission. After 7 days Ready Accountant will not entertain any claim.
  14. All communication will be sent by Ready Accountant to students through the mail and/or SMS. You are requested to update and check your registered mail and SMS regularly.


  1. Placement is provided to students who fulfill the job assurance criteria and have completed all exams. In exceptional circumstances, if a student is found to be fit for placement even before completion of the course, Ready Accountant encourages such placement. However, the student is still required to complete the course.
  2. If a student is not deemed fit for placement even after Pre-placement activity, he/she may have to undergo additional training
  3. Students who do not require a job must fill the ‘Job Not Required Form’ but he/she has to appear for the final examination in case he/she requires a job later.
  4. Ready Accountant has no responsibility for further placement –

a) If a student resigns within 12 months without informing Ready Accountant

b) If he/she accepts the offer but doesn’t join

c) If a student agrees to go for an interview but does not show up at the interview